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Shiplake Annual Parish Meeting

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Additional Important Presentation @ APM

In addition to the very important NP  update at this week's APM (Wed 23/5), there will be a presentation by the consultants who have developed proposals for a 'Shared/Communiy Space' initiative in Station Road, Lower Shiplake.

Your views are very important to both these projects. We look forward to seeing you at the APM and responding to any queries you might have.

Shiplake Parish Council



3 Significant Events in 1 Day- Saturday 19th May

Yes, a Royal Wedding later in the day but before then, the Shiplake Corner Shop will be hosting a SPRING TASTING MORNING for their locally sourced goods, at the same time as the 'GRAND OPENING DAY' for THE TELPHONE BOX BOOK EXCHANGE. Tudor Taylor, Chair of Parish Council, will be 'cutting the tape' at around 10am. Importantly,  BRING A BOOK FOR A FREE COFFEE.

Many thanks to everyone who has already contributed books. A special thanks to Mike Spooner, Mike Moody, Bob Hudgell for their renovation skills and Helen Woods-Ballard, Pam Hudgell and Jan Moody for bringing this new feature to Shiplake - A Book Exchange for all ages.

There have been very much appreciated, 'free of charge', materials supplied by Mike Medlock, Gibbs & Dandy and Just Tiles. Also, lots of support and encouragement from Mark and Carol Harvey, including use of their electricity supply during the renovation.

The parish council has been only too pleased make the box avalable and fund the renovation. Ultimately, the biggest thanks are to afore mentioned vounteers that made this initiative possible.

David Pheasant on behalf of Shiplake Parish Council.  

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NP Update at May APM on Wed. 23rd May

The Shiplake Annual Parish Meeting (APM) is at Memorial Hall starting at 7:30pm. All the details are prominently displayed on the website Home page.

There will be major update on the Neighbourhood Plan, referencing the significant changes made as result of Thames Farm houses being included in the 'Shiplake settlement'; the development sites now being recommended, the nature of preferred future developments, how the Shiplake questionnaire guided the Steering Group's proposals and how the centre of Lower Shiplake might be improved.

Not to be missed, as we move closer to the submission of the plan for public consultation and review by the planning authorities. 

Shiplake Parish Council

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Shiplake Annual Parish Meeting

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