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Removal of Horns at Level Crossing approved by RSSB

The noise level of the horns used on the branch line has been increasing in recent years and become a nuisance to many homes close to the track. Network Rail (NR) and GWR  acknowledged the issue and, after lengthy and detailed consultations with the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB),  the requirement to sound the horn is being removed at 2 'whistle stops' at Shiplake station on Monday 13th May. There will be a trial period of 12 months, the success of which may have benefits for many people nationally.

This represents a significant improvement from a health and welfare perspective, not least children being woken late at night/early morning by aggressively blown horns. If you rely on the horn as some form of 'alarm clock' you will need to make other arrangements. If you live at some distance from the station and like the sound of the horn occasionally, you will still be able to enjoy the 'hoots' but not as frequently.

Well done to the group of residents who made this possible. It took 4 years and may be viewed as a feat not far short of a 'Mission Impossible' episode. Pedestrians using the crossing must use their common sense and ensure they use the level crossing safely ...more on this in the coming days...and, yes, drivers will always use the horn if someone is on or near the track! For those that do not there is a CCTV monitor. 

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Poetry in Music - 1st June 2019


Jazz in the Village - Memorial Hall 9th June

Millar & Spencer’s 2019 Jazz in the Village Tour comes to Shiplake on Sunday 9th June. Come and enjoy a relaxing evening of evocative music and entertaining stories over a glass of beer or wine from our licenced bar.

Doors open: 7.45, music from 8.00
Tickets: £10.00   Accompanied Under16s: FREE
Advance Tickets:  Phone 0118 324 3303   or   e-mail lottie@shiplakehall.com 

Ian Millar and Dominic Spencer have been performing together for a number of years, playing melodic improvisations on jazz standards and original compositions with the aim of recreating the evocative atmosphere that epitomised the smoky bars and haunting melodies of bygone times. With Ian playing either his soprano or tenor saxophone and Dominic on piano they achieve that and more in their two sets as part of their Jazz in the Village tour.

They have had enormous success over many years during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Thousands of people have come to see them perform, with many sell-out shows.

This event is sponsored by the Trustees of the Memorial Hall to raise funds for Hall operations and to stimulate the Hall’s use as a community asset. Please support us.

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