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Station Road Monitoring & Shared Space Initiative

The Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire shed light on a number of concerns from residents about traffic volumes, safety, and parking, particularly along Station Road and the Mill Road/Northfield Avenue junction. To help us consider some remedies consultants will be undertaking a traffic survey of this area, starting on Wednesday March 14th.

There will be three components to the survey:

  1. Video recording over a 12 hour period of all movements at the junction
  2. Observations every hour of parking habits
  3. A traffic volume and speed count on Station Road.

The study will fully protect private data such as car registrations and personal identities, and will be conducted by a specialist professional team.

If you will be travelling in the area over the next few days please carry out your business as normal, and please be nice to our surveyors. 

The team will be setting up cameras early tomorrow morning (Wed 14 March), in order to commence at 07.00. The counting strips on Station Road will be put in place Thursday.

Any queries please use  np2017@shiplakevillages.com or feedback@shiplakevillages.com

Will Stevens - NP Steering Group

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NP Update at February Council Meeting 2018

In order to keep residents uptodate with progress, attached is a copy of the monthly NP report provided at February's council meeting. The update has more content than usual due to the amount of activity taking place and inclusion of a level of detail for those residents who wish to have a greater insight into the process. This information will also be included in the published council minutes, in the usual way, later in March. Links are provided in the article to information presented at the NP Open Exhibition and referenced in the update. 

A link to SODC's HELAA Map for Shiplake is also available by clicking here. This was referenced in the council meeting and shows those sites that have been offered for development by land owners, independently of any NP activity. You will note some familiar sites on it e.g. Thames Farm, Wyvale and the proposed site for the Retirement Village in the middle of the 'green gap' between the villages of Shiplake.

Striking the right balance in the amount of detail to provide, and when and how, in the NP project is not a simple task. Too much or too little can confuse and this may be particularly the case in the attached update, when referencing the potential no. of houses that could be built on the specified sites, if any at all. I will be  providing an NP update in the coming week to all registered users of the website, which should answer questions you might have, and there is also access to the Q & A page on the website. (Click here for the NP Update)

David Pheasant - Shiplake PC & NP Steering Group    

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SODC Loses Thames Farm Decision - Development Approved

The Court of Appeal has refused SODC's request to appeal the decision of the High Court, which supported the decision of the Inquiry Inspector to grant permission for the development at Thames FarmClick here to see the refusal document.

Basically, SODC could not sufficiently well challenge the position cited by the applicant and developer, which the Inspector concurred with i.e. that there is '.... a chronic and dire shortage of housing land' within the district. This was based on estimated housing numbers at the time of the Thames Farm Inquiry. 

SODC's position is that it did then and certainly does now have a significantly improved housing land situation. This is important - we cannot change the past but we can make sure we are most able to ensure the desired future of Shiplake with the successful completion of the Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan: minimising development on green field sites; reducing the risk of urbanisation; providing housing for younger familes and opportunities for downsizing to ensure the vibrancy of the villages; providing our share (min. of 33 new houses) to meet SODC's  requirements; and defending the villages against further speculative large scale developments. There is no other way!

Updates on the plan will follow shortly on the status of the plan. Your support is key to ensuring the news on the housing front is far better than the headline of this article.

David Pheasant - Shiplake PC and NP Steering Group. 

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