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Covid-19    We're here to help you

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We’ve put a few Webpages together to help you during the current coronavirus emergency – here’s an introduction:

Thanks to the tremendous response to our request for volunteers, we have people in every part of the parish who are ready and able to provide support, be it getting shopping and medicines, helping with other errands or just having a friendly word over the phone. Details of local volunteers will be posted through every door.
There’s a list of the coordinators, team leaders and other support groups covering Lower Shiplake and Shiplake Cross on the Local Coordination and Support webpage.

If you need help this page is where to go.

On the ’Local Services’ webpage there’s a list of local businesses and organisations providing services – such as food delivery and takeaway services - to the community. We’ll update this with additions and changes as we get them.

Lastly, we’ve got an Information Sources webpage with links to authoritative and/or informative information sources locally and nationally.

You can get to theses pages by clicking the links above or those in the dark green panel on the right.

We’ve also got a Forum where you can see discussions on various topics – and can join in if you are a “registered” website user (see Guide below). Get to it by clicking on the ‘Forum’ button at the top of any webpage.

If you are a “registered” website user then you will receive “Notification” emails to let you know when new topics appear on the Forum or if there are major changes to any of the webpages. For more information about being a “registered” user, about using the Forum and about receiving “notification” emails see the Guides at the bottom of this page.

For those who prefer Social Media you can join the Facebook page we have specifically set up to help the community during the emergency. It contains much of the information on this website and also provides a channel for rapid exchange of information and views.

We hope these pages are useful to you. If you have any comments, or suggestions for other ways we can use the website or Facebook pages to help you, or if you would like to help us with the website information or Facebook pages please drop us an email at covid-19@shiplakevillages.com.