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Covid-19    Local Coordination and Support

It is essential for Parishes to hold a record of those who are performing coordination roles in the community during the current emergency in order to facilitate clear and rapid communication.
If you would like to help please contact the relevant area coordinator from the list below.

We are here to help if you are self-isolating or shielding; do get in touch with your local contact below if you need support - we can:

*Pick up groceries                  * Collect Prescriptions        * Post Letters     

* Make a friendly phone call    *Walk a dog                      * Run a simple errand

If you do not have access to email and there is no area contact number please contact the overall coordinators (listed below).

Area contacts:

  1. Bolney Road, Basmore Lane, Lashbrook Rd:  Paul Hinsworth 07900 051055

  2. Station Road, Quarry Lane, Northfield Road:  Debbie Sayer 07789 372545

  3. Northfield Ave, Bolney Trevor Drive, Manor Wood Gate, Nursery Close, Brampton Chase:  Call 0118 940 6665 or email covid-19@shiplakevillages.com

  4. Oaks Road, Brocks Way, Badgers Walk:  Sally Sherwin 07759 578717

  5. Crowsley Road, The Chestnuts, Baskerville Lane, Kingsley:  Tina Veran 07810 798536 or Julia Baxter 07979 601602

  6. Mill Road, The Crescent, Lowes Close, Toast Lane, Lashbrook Farm Cottages:  Ros Parke 07886 133781

  7. Mill Lane: Fred Maroudas 07771 832196

  8. New Road, Westfield Crescent:  Sarah Blomfield 07764 204322

  9. Woodlands Road, Reading Road (Haileywood Farm to Bell Cottage), Upper Bolney Lane and Bolney Lane:  Lucy Jacobs 07767 445600

  10. Shiplake Cross: Memorial Avenue, Orchard Close, Plough Lane, Plowden Way, Schoolfields.
    Shiplake: Church Lane, Reading Road (New Cross to Shiplake Farm)  Emma Armstrong ehamptonshiplake@gmail.com

Overall coordinators:

     Joanne Stone 0118 940 6665 / email covid-19@shiplakevillages.com

     Kate Oldridge email kateaoldridge@gmail.com (please remember to include the ‘a’!)

How it works:

  • The areas have been leafletted with contact numbers of volunteers for support in their local area.
  • When someone needs help, they ring one of the volunteer numbers.
  • The volunteer then posts the request (but not the specific details of the individual) on their WhatsApp group e.g. 'prescription needs to be picked up at Sonning Common pharmacy'.
  • A volunteer replies on the group to confirm they can fulfill the request and they are sent the person's details in a private message.
  • The volunteer then carries out the request safely -e.g. collects the prescription & delivers it to the individual's doorstep (ensuring they follow all the current Covid-19 safety advice re. social distancing, handwashing etc.).
  • To close the loop - the volunteer confirms on the main WhatsApp group that the request has been fulfilled.

If you want to help and you're not on WhatsApp and aren't able to download it to your phone, please do still contact the co-ordinators - phone and text still work!

Other Support:

Pastoral Support:  Revd Robert Thewsey MA, Rector of Shiplake and Dunsden with Harspden cum Bolney 0118 940 3484, email: robert.thewsey@btinternet.com
Services will be live streamed on YouTube. Further information can be found on Facebook and from the church website at www.shiplakedunsdenharpsden.org.uk