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Public Awareness

Get your waste to the right place


The Waste Wizard is a new online tool to kill the confusion around recycling and help Oxfordshire defeat General Waste. Type in your postcode and the name of any item to find out whether it can be reused, repaired, donated or recycled - oxfordshire.gov.uk/wastewizard 

Article created / last edited: 28 January 2020

Fire Safety


Don’t let the sparks fly this winter

Nearly 50% of all chimney fires in Oxfordshire happen during January, February and March. If you enjoy cosying up in front of a log fire, make sure the sparks don't fly at home this winter.

Have a cosy home not a fire zone

  • Get your chimney swept at least once a year, if you regularly have log fires get it swept more frequently
  • If you have a 1st floor fireplace check that it is clear of debris
  • Store logs away from the fireplace. 

Find out more at: www.365alive.co.uk

Article created / last edited: 28 January 2020

Get help with home repairs


There are services and funds available to help people (owners and private tenants) stay independent, safe and well in their homes, and Oxfordshire County Council has developed a referral service to help residents (or carers) access the right organisations in their area, to get the help they need.

The type of help that can be provided are services such as new boilers, repairs to boilers, loft or cavity wall insulation, access to a local and trustworthy repairs service and general advice on how to stay safe, well and affordably warm in your home.

For more information or to make a referral visit www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/homerepairs 

Article created / last edited: 12 January 2020

Coercive Relationships


Yesterday the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) launched a video  ‘Don’t Disappear’ to raise awareness of relationship abuse.   This is following our ‘Know this isn’t Love’ coercive control campaign from earlier in the year.  It has been launched under the branding of Victims First.  Victims First supports victims and witnesses of crime across the Thames Valley and is managed by the OPCC.

‘Don’t Disappear’ tells the story of Jamie and Emma; from the seemingly loving early stages of their relationship, to the development of coercive and controlling behaviours such as jealousy and possessiveness, control, love bombing and isolation.

While anyone of any age can be a victim of coercive control, we are particularly keen to promote this to younger people who may have less relationship experience and people who are at the beginning of a relationship.  The aim of the video is to raise awareness of  the red flags – the early signs of coercive control which at the time, may be missed or misinterpreted as acceptable behaviour in a relationship.

We hope the video will help people who may be in controlling relationships to identify with it and potentially seek help. 

Anyone who is concerned they may be experiencing coercive control can contact Victims First for support on 0300 1234 148.  You can find further information about Victims First at www.victims-first.org.uk

Article created / last edited: 6 November 2019

Latest scam - TV Licence


Beware this e-mail scam. The TV Licencing logo looks genuine but the links go to a spoof site. 

Article created / last edited: 20 February 2019