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Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan

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Producing a Neighbourhood Plan will likely be the initiative to have the biggest impact on the villages for the foreseeable future. It should provide Shiplake residents with the opportunity to discuss and 'shape' the future for the villages, rather than the actions of speculative developers.

Residents will be kept up to date via the website and be involved as the plan progresses. If you are not yet a registered user of the website receiving notifications, please make sure you do register. YOUR VIEWS MATTER!

Following the Public Exhibition which took place on 3 and 4 November the ‘route map’ we will be following is set out below.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to refer to our FAQs Page, or if not dealt with there, the Forum.

Private Questions may be referred to the Steering Group at the following email address: NP2019@Shiplakevillages.com


The Neighbourhood Plan Route Map

This is a recommended process to produce a draft of the Neighbourhood Plan in accordance with SODC guidance and also that of Government.

  1. The exhibition material is now displayed on the web site in full and available for comment and questions
  2. We have reviewed the questions you raised at the exhibition and answers to many have been featured in a recent article and will also feature in the FAQ’s section of the NP on this web site
  3. Some residents have suggested sites to be considered and these are being reviewed, although most if not all had already been considered and dismissed for any of many good reasons
  4. We are as part of the process compiling a log of all communications with residents etc and this will be part of the final documentation as will a comprehensive evidence base of sources. Again this is all part of the recommended process
  5. We will finalise a consultation draft of the document and when in substantially final form this will be posted on the web site and will be publicised. The formal consultation period when it happens will be 6 weeks
  6. We will analyse and review any comments received from residents and others and if appropriate make amendments to the draft document
  7. The draft NP will then be submitted to the Parish Council (PC) for review, albeit naturally they already have visibility of the document as it is being prepared. The document will be supported by 3rd party Reports on Landscape issues and also if required by SODC a Strategic Environmental Assessment
  8. The PC will then undertake a series of statutory consultations
  9. The document will go to SODC whom will also undertake a review and undertake further consultation
  10. Once SODC are happy they will appoint an Independent Expert Inspector to review the document and again this will be publicised as to when it is happening
  11. Once all of these steps have been followed and any necessary changes incorporated SODC will organise a public referendum - subject to statutory requirements in terms of publicity and who can/cannot participate
  12. If approved at referendum by a simple majority, the Plan will be declared as ‘Made’ and be adopted at Committee by SODC and the Parish and become part of the Local Plan for the Area.