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Neighbourhood Plan Final Survey Results Now Online


The initial survey results is one of the essential elements on which the Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan recommendations are based. Available now is the Final Report with statistical analysis of the responses and a summary of the several thousand comments residents gave in the questionnaire responses.

The comments are a strong reflection of how people feel about Shiplake now and what they would like it to be....food for thought for the parish council and others, all of us, in shaping the future of Shiplake. 

Different viewpoints between the villages and postcodes are also mentioned where it may be relevant in Section 1 of the report. Comment analyis is in Section 2. Click here to start reading the 'Final Report' now.

We will be making available some hard copies of the report at the Corner Shop, butchers and the pubs. Please call in and borrow one ...read it over a drink?

Note: For the many residents unaware of the future the SOHA site on Mill Road... a community room is promised as the centre is rebuilt this year....good news!

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group 

Article created / last edited: 22 January 2018