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Since late 2016, we have been successful in running table tennis session in the Memorial Hall, following setup support under the South Oxon Go Active initiative, which primarily targeted the over 55s but in practice is open to anyone. 

We currently operate 4 quality tables (one generously donated by Shiplake Parish Council, one funded out of attendees' payments; and two provided by South Oxon), with bats and balls provided.

With well over 50 people having taking advantage of this activity, attendances have been avergaing around 12 but can go up to over 16 ie all tables fully utilised with doubles play! Great enjoyment is to be had by those attending, making new and refreshing old acquaintances alike.

Current Arrangements

Sessions are held at the Memorial Hall on:

- every Wednesday from 11.15 am until 12.15 pm

The current charge is now only £2 per 1 hour session per attendee, which covers the rental of the Hall plus, in time, help to repalce equipment, as required.

On occasion, we have also run 'extended sessions' on a Wednesday for an additional 30 minutes, with these 1.5 hrs sessions costing £3 for those taking advantage of these full sessions.

These costings are kept constantly under review.

Future Bookings

Wednesday bookings have now been secured up until mid-June 2019 - please check the website calendar for all dates.

Many thanks for your support to date and hopefully we will see some new attendees, keen to leap around the table and demonstrate how well they can spin or smash a ball.....or as most of us do, just be thankful that it has not only reached the other side but has kept on the table!!

Any questions, please e-mail me.

Neil McAdam

Table Tennis - Coaching Videos


If you are interested in viewing some coaching guides on how to play table tennis, please copy & paste the following link into your internet browser and press return - this will take you to a YouTube channel, which provides a list of 24 videos for you to select from, depending on what you would like to learn:


If you have any questions re these, please let me know at a session?



Article created / last edited: 2 May 2017