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Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan

The development of a Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan (NP) was proposed by the Parish Council and, after consultation with residents, agreed as being in the best interests of the community (January 2017). It will take advantage of the previous work of the very well received Shiplake Villages Plan and, in similar manner, it will be sponsored by the Parish Council and be developed by residents.

Producing a Neighbourhood Plan will likely be the initiative to have the biggest impact on the villages for the foreseeable future. It should provide Shiplake residents with the opportunity to discuss and 'shape' the future for the villages, rather than the actions of speculative developers.

Residents will be kept up to date via the website and be involved as the plan progresses. If you are not yet a registered user of the website receiving notifications, please make sure you do register. YOUR VIEWS MATTER!

Neighbourhood Plan: Initial Survey Results


Many thanks for the completed questionnaires and many new registrations on the website requesting to be kept up to date on the plan. Albeit we are midst the summer holiday period development of the plan continues, not least analysying the results of the survey. The final survey report is due later this month and will be presented to residents in September/October.

Responding to requests for an update on the results of the survey, you can click here to see 'An 'Initial Survey Results' interim report , providing an insight into trends emerging from the completed questionnaires.....focusing on the %'s tends to make things clearer.

The final report will have  a 'management overview' of the survey and its key findings including graphics for presentation purposes. 

NP Steering Group

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It is YOUR opportunity to SHAPE THE FUTURE OF SHIPLAKE. Many thanks to all those who have already completed their questionnaire...would all those who have not been able to do so yet because of holidays and other commitments, please let your volunteer collectors have them by the end of this week. YOUR VILLAGE - YOUR FUTURE...EVERYBODY'S VIEWS COUNT!

You may be interested in the profile of Lower Shiplake and Shiplake X, provided as part of the submission to SODC to develop the Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan.  Click here to get a quick insight into the villages as they are now; population density (high for South Oxfordshire), number of households including the amount of social housing provided, housing developments since the 1960's, the school, the nature of the area and reference to the 2014 Shiplake Villages Plan and the potential need for a more in depth consideration of housing needs for the future. 


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Your Opportunity to Shape the Future of Shiplake...


 The Shiplake Neigbourhood Plan Questionnaire will be delivered to you in the coming days and is your opportunity to shape the future of Shiplake. You may have many questions about the why, what  and how of developing the Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan...what does it mean for you? The volunteer residents, distributing to and collecting the questionnaires from every household, will be able to help you BUT you can get many of the answers NOW by simply clicking here and viewing the Q & A briefing note for the questionnaire. You can also ask your question by an email to: np2017@shiplakevillages.com

Add to that by coming to the Shiplake APM this Wednesday evening (24th May) at 7:45pm at the Memorial Hall, when progress to date and plans for completing the neighbourhood plan by the end of this year will be presented. It is your villages' future...all questions are welcome.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

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Shiplake's Neighbourhood Plan Registered - What Next?


Shiplake Parish Council submitted an application to SODC to designate their neighbourhood plan (NP) area. Click here to view the SODC's notification with links to find out more on the application and what a neighbourhood plan entails.

Click here to view the map of the designated area.* 

What Next? There will be an update on the NP's progress at the Shiplake APM on Wednesday May 24th at 7:30pm. Most importantly we need the views of the residents on what the villages should look like in 2033. It is your views that count. Please make sure you complete and return the questionnaire when you receive it in a few weeks time - it is your villages' future and your opportunity to influence it!

*Some residents might notice that we are basing the plan on the 'pre-2014' parish boundaries. This is to ensure our designated area does not overlap with that of the Henley & Harpsden Neighbourhood Plan (JHHNP). The marginal effect of this will be clarified in a separate update....what is important at this stage is capturing the views of every household in 'Shiplake'.  

More information to follow...WATCH THIS SPACE!

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Neighbourhood Plan Chairman's Note to Residents


Click here to view the Steering Group Chairman's note to all residents, clarifying the objectives and considerations of the Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan (NP) and how it will be developed in consultation with residents.

Find out how you can provide feedback and if you want to volunteer to help, then simply click on NPvolunteer@shiplakevillages.com or should you wish to make a comment then use NPfeedback@shiplakevillages.com

Please note that you may see Group members walking around the villages assessing various aspects of land availability and existing amenities servicing the villages. You may also meet volunteers, with 'Shiplake Neighbourhood Volunteer' badges, delivering questionnaires and asking questions important to the development of the plan.

Your views are important...please do not be shy in asking questions and making suggestions! 

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The Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan registration has been forwarded to SODC, over fifty residents have volunteered  to assist with the project and a Steering Group of fourteen formed. The group comprises a range of skills, important to developing the plan, with every effort being made to have a broad representation of the demographics of of residents e.g. age, gender, family unit, location, length of residence. 
The plan will impact all aspects of life in the villages in some form or another. The involvement of everyone is important and every effort will be made to keep people informed of progress via the website, newsletter, questionnaires and ultimately decisions to be made with a formal referendum.
WATCH THIS SPACE...there will be an update later this week outlining why we need a plan, its objectives, the process and what you can expect to see from the Steering Group.
One of the first items to be considered by the group next week will be: What is the vision for the future of the villages? There will be a range of views in the villages...let us know yours via: feedback@shiplakevillages.com

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Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Established


Many thanks for the enthusiastic responses from the large number of volunteers helping with the plan and the proposals for those on the Steering Group, which was agreed at last week's meeting of volunteers at Shiplake College.

Whilst the parish council is sponsoring, supporting and closely involved with the plan, it is important that the expertise of the Steering Group also encapsulates the broadest possible representation of the demographics of the villages. In doing so we will deliver the most appropriate plan as quickly as possible. We have made an excellent start and will address those areas where an increased representation would be helpful i.e. Shiplake X residents and busy young families with lots of commitments. 

We will keep everybody updated via the website. Watch this space and do not be surprised if one of our volunteers knocks on your door to make sure we are getting your views. They will have a 'Shiplake Volunteer' Badge!  If you want to join the growing number of volunteers please let us know via feedback@shiplakevillages.com All residents are welcome. 

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Neighbourhood Plan Volunteers Meeting Wed.18th Jan.


The meeting is confirmed for 7:30pm on 18th Jan. in the 'Old Viking Room' at Shiplake College. An email to the 30+ volunteers will be circulated this weekend with more information.

Residents who may not have had or missed the opportunity to volunteer to be involved with creating the Neighbourhood Plan can do so by responding via: feedback@shiplakevillages.com. Just let us have your name, address and telephone no. and we will get back to you on how you can get involved.

Many thanks to Shiplake College for the kind hospitality.

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Neighbourhood Planning Meeting... Next Steps


Many thanks to the 60+ residents who attended the meeting, the vigorous and constructive debate and the 35 volunteers, some of whom could not attend last night's meeting, who have already registered to help create the Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan. We will need lots of help and the widest possible involvement of residents in order to make sure we have a plan for the future of the villages, based on our vision and preferences and not that defined by speculative developers. If you want to join the growing number of volunteers please let us know via feedback@shiplakevillages.com All residents are welcome. 

The next step is a meeting with volunteers next week* to create the Steering Group and begin to outline the elements of our plan, timescales and how we start to deliver it.  

* An email will be sent to all vounteers confirming the date, time and location of the meeting.  

NOTE: A ladies black 'puffa' jacket labelled Minuet was left at the Hall last night and can be retrieved by contacting Roger Hudson, Parish Clerk on 07809 829628  

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Neighbourhood Plan Meeting..10th Jan @ 7:30pm


IMPORTANT REMINDER:  Producing a neighbourhood plan (NP) will be the initiative to have the biggest impact on the villages for the foreseeable future. Having an NP should provide Shiplake with increased protection from speculative developers, whilst providing residents with the opportunity to discuss and 'shape' the future of the villages. Discussions with SODC have confirmed the parish council's view that we should embark on the plan asap.

We look forward to seeing as many residents as possible this Tuesday at 7:30pm at the Memorial Hall. Tudor Taylor (Chairman, Shiplake PC) will outline WHY we should have a plan and SODC will outline WHAT a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) is and HOW we create one. We will also discuss timescales and the formation of a Steering Committee to ensure we create a plan that residents will view positively, as with the Shiplake Villages Plan

Yes, an important meeting for ALL of us on Tuesday. Formal presentation will be kept to a minimum, we look forward to lots of interaction and support for this initiative. Our thanks to residents who have already volunteered to be involved and others who will want to do so.

Additional Note: Following a high level meeting with SODC, regarding the value of an NP and recent larger scale planning applications (retirement village, Mt Ida, New Road, Thames Farm etc.), the parish council will have an update on information received from SODC on these matters, during the planning section of Monday's Council Meeting (09/01,2017).   

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Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan Meeting...10th Jan 2017


Many thanks to the 50+ residents, along with councillors from nearby parishes, for attending the John Howell MP clinic, which was lively with many questions on the key issue of 'do we need and should we have a neighbourhood plan (NP)?'

Producing a neighbourhood plan will likely be the initiative to have the biggest impact on the villages for the foreseeable future. Having an NP should provide Shiplake with increased protection from speculative developers, whilst providing residents with the opportunity to discuss and 'shape' the future for the villages. 

John Howell's answers to our questions were frank, appreciative of our concerns and supportive of our wish to embark on developing an NP. The community meeting for all residents to discuss an NP is now confirmed for Tuesday 10th January @ 7:30pm at Memorial Hall. We look forward to seeing you there and your contributions to the discussions. Our thanks to those who have already volunteered to help with the plan. You can volunteer before the meeting by responding to feedback@shiplakevillages.com...at least put 10/01/2017 @7:30pm in your diary/calendar.

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