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The Shiplake Country Run


An event for both serious and fun runners.

All levels. All ages (over 13 yrs). 



32 runners lined up for this event. All finished the run – some with verve, and some in a more relaxed mode. 

The first male to finish was George Hailstone – in 15 mins 48 secs. The first female to finish was Ella Shute – in 17 mins 47 secs.

Those with an interest in such things will know that the world record for 5k for men is 13 mins 37.35 secs and for women 14 mins 11.15 secs,  so it would appear that world records were threatened in Shiplake on Sept 25th. However it is only fair to point out that this 5k run was in fact 3.6k!  Those that finished quickly would no doubt have liked it to be longer. But others?

For a full list of times click here.

A large number of adults and children were at the Alfresco Coffee Morning which was the other part of this Shiplake Community Event.  Music was by Gareth Evans and friends, and Tudor Taylor. Free coffee, tea, squash, biscuits and cakes were provided.

A great deal of fun, and of course considerable satisfaction, was had throughout a couple of hours on an occasionally sunny and always dry Sunday morning in Shiplake.

It is hoped that The Shiplake Country Run will become an annual event.

Article created / last edited: 12 October 2016