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Equipment Options for Badgers Walk Playground

Following recommendations arising from the Shiplake Village Plan and work completed by the SVP Committee and the Parish Council, the council proposed 4 options, below, on which residents expressed their preferences via the website.

The SVP Committee and Parish Council would like to thanks residents for the constructive feedback, the result of which is selection of option 2, as recently reported in the November issue of Shiplake News. To enable this initiative to go ahead we are hopeful of securing funding from a number of sources. 

Shiplake Parish Council


Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4

Vandalism in Shiplake


Sadly, vandals have smashed all the perspex windows  in the new play equipment at Badger's Walk playground, leaving sharp, jagged edges at the windows and broken pieces on the floor, along with a broken bottle. The debris has been cleared, including most of the 'jagged' materials from the windows. A small amount remains so be careful if visiting the playground. The remainder of the perspex will be removed shortly and perhaps not replaced to avoid any similar indidences occuring.

The mindless behaviour causing the damage apparently took place over the weekend of August 8th - 9th. Should anyone have any information which might help find the culprits, please inform the Parish Clerk via shiplakepc@hotmail.com or call 07809 829628. Alternatively please inform the neighbourhood police by calling 101.

Article created / last edited: 17 August 2015

Grant approved for Badger's Walk Playground improvements


The Shiplake Villages Plan identified improvements to be made to the Badger's Walk playground. The Parish Council consulted with residents on several design options  and applied for a grant from SODC towards the costs. 

A grant of £6,150  has been approved; many thanks to Malcolm Leonard, SODC District Councillor, who strongly supported our application. They improvements are expected to be completed in the coming months.* Thanks also to those who have helped make this project possible. 

* The Parish Council is responsible for the playground and will be making the remainder of the funds available to enable the success of this project. . (Views of the successful design option ( No. 2) can be viewed in the council section of the website).

Article created / last edited: 1 April 2015