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Henley Library (Oxfordshire County Council)

Caversham Library (Reading Borough Council) 

Attention Children - Swap your books in the Red Telephone box


Would you like a new book to read in the Summer Holidays?  Choose any books you have finished and take them to swop in the RED TELEPHONE BOX by the Village Shop.
Other children would love to read your books.
Don’t leave them in a pile on the floor – if the shelves are full, please take them to 8 Manor Wood Gate.

Article created / last edited: 24 July 2019



After 6 months we have received very good feed back from many users.   To keep it working well for all, we need to remind everybody of the following:

1.  Please could you look out books for Primary School children.  This is a way we can help the next generation to enjoy reading.

2.  Please do not leave large bags of books on the floor.  Fill the spaces. 

3.  This is a reading centre – please do not leave us Reference Books.  Most of the information is on the Web so they do not move on.

4.  Please do not put Commercial literature on the shelves or stuck on the glass.

Thank you all for your support.  We hope it will continue to be a useful village amenity.

Article created / last edited: 27 September 2018