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Andrew Morris Builder

As a follow-up to David Salmon and Barbara Linklater's recommendations of Andrew. I would like to add my own. After living 43 years in Shiplake I fell foul of a roofer con man. Having knocked on the door, I took a little time answering by which time he had erected a his ladder and was viewing my roof. He was very personable and said he had seen a bird nesting in my roof and on checking said there was a broken tile and my ridge and chimney needed pointing. He then said he could give me a good offer for the total job including gutter cleaning. ( £2000 +) I replied that I would think about it and get alternative quotes. Shortly afterward it rained and water leaked through the ceiling. Luckily I had seen Andrew's recommendation on Forum, he came straight round and advised me that it appeared the tile was not broken but had been pushed under the one above and he would do a full inspection with a set of longer ladders. The upshot was he fixed the leak and photographed the repair so I could see it (I am 80+) He also advised he could see nothing wrong with my ridge and chimney. How lucky we are to have a competent ,honest, and trustworth Builder in our community. Andrew says he enjoys living in our village and intends to build his business base here. As far as I am concerned he is Very Welcome. David Parr  


Posted by: David Parr | 26/06/2019 3:22 pm

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