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Dog Poo Village

The amount of dog poo in our wonderful village is very disappointing, particularly on the tow path, in Mill Meadows, Hailey Woods and nearby fields.
Please can dog owners take extra effort to take poo bags with them and clear up after their dogs. Amazon sell a small device with bags that attach to a dog lead (or pop in your pocket) for a few pounds. I always have one with me.

Posted by: Katharine Poolan | 04/11/2018 11:47 am

As a dog owner I always have bags on me an always pick up. But, those dog owners who refuse to pick up, throw the bag it in the hedge or hang it in trees (you know who you are) give those responsible owners amongst us a bad name. We have some lovely walks in our area so please clear up after your dogs.

Posted by: Kay Parton | 07/11/2018 7:50 pm

To address Ms Fowlers very valid plastic bag point please use Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags available from Amazon at


Posted by: Katharine Poolan | 04/11/2018 7:57 pm

I agree. What is so upsetting is the amount left in bags. Do peope not realise that the plastic microparticles from these bags end up in the waterways, then in the sea, then in the fish and then inside us? We can't help plastic from our car tyres taking this route when we brake but we do have a choice with plastic litter. I frequently pick up bags of faeces on the towpath. People who are hell bent on not clearing up after their dog should leave just the faeces, not polluting plastic as well

Posted by: Elaine Fowler | 04/11/2018 1:04 pm

I agree with you. One Shiplake owner allows their dog to deposit its dinner on my drive near my front door. Also on the footpath outside my house. I am going to fit a cctv and then send the deposit back to its owner.

Posted by: Edward P Harding | 04/11/2018 12:31 pm

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You are here:    Forum - Issues & Concerns - Dog Poo Village