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Many Thanks.

I would like to say a very big thank you all that came to the Party & Picnic Sunday afternoon. I hope you enjoyed the entertainment, burgers, bangers, beer & ice creams. Also thank you to Shiplake College for the stage, amp system & bar-b-q.

Thanks also go to all the people/groups that gave their time to entertain you.

If you would like to tell your friends about our P & P next year will be even better.

Ernie Povey, Chair, 1st Shiplake Scout Group.

Posted by: Shiplake Scouts | 09/09/2018 8:40 pm

Super photographs Gareth, thank you very much for taking them.

Also if anyone has any comments, good or bad or otherwise, ideas for next years Party & Picnic please email them to:-


Thanking you in anticipation.

Posted by: Shiplake Scouts | 10/09/2018 11:22 am

And thanks to you too Ernie for the tremendous effort you put in. It's a shame there weren't a few more villagers there to join in the fun and enjoy the great entertainment. Those who were there might wish to note that there are photos of the event on the front page of this website.

Posted by: Gareth Jones | 09/09/2018 8:55 pm

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You are here:    Forum - Village Chat - Many Thanks.