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Red Kite Feeding

Please may I, as a dog owner, request that if anyone is feeding Red Kites or Foxes please spare a thought for the family dog. My Border Terrier has been very ill possibly after eating fatty meat dropped into our garden by a Red Kite. Kites will take food thrown to them by humans although the RSPB discourage this. The birds take the food to the nearest tree and the remnants from their feast drops into gardens. Dogs end up picking up the remains which in our case involved a trip to the vet.

Posted by: Kay Parton | 10/03/2018 2:57 pm

Sorry to hear that your dog has been so unwell.
Be aware also that some idiot has dumped a load of dog food (the small biscuit type) in New Road on the left hand side about half way up from the Crowsley Rd junction towards Mill Lane!! Seemingly even the foxes and badgers have turned it down, but I have little doubt that our Springer would jump at the chance of a free meal, but goodness knows what might be in it!!

Posted by: Julian Morse | 11/03/2018 3:11 pm

Sorry to hear your dogs have been poorly too. My dog had Pancreatitis and as a result we have to change his diet for the rest of his life. It was caused by eating a sudden fatty meal although it wasn't something personally we fed him. I find all sorts in my garden - chicken wings, chicken bones, lumps of meat etc etc. It is all being dropped by the kites so unless they go shopping to our butcher Keith it is being fed to them by humans.

Posted by: Kay Parton | 11/03/2018 1:59 pm

Our dogs too have had a nasty tummy upset which could well have been caused by them eating fatty food dropped by the red kites. Why do people feed the kites when all the authoritative sources tell us not to?! By feeding the kites they come to rely on humans for food; they are birds and should find their own, its what nature intended. Humans are not a reliable larder and only feed sometimes and perhaps not when the birds really need it, it is also the wrong sort of food, cooked or processed.

Posted by: Julian Morse | 11/03/2018 1:40 pm

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You are here:    Forum - Village Chat - Red Kite Feeding