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Hello everyone, this is just a brief introduction to this new section of the site being a Forum dedicated to questions and answers about the Neighbourhood Plan. You will shortly also see some new and additional pages on the web site generally to deal with the NP all of which should be in place over the next week. This will include a FAQ section as well as reference area for relevant documentation. The email np2017@shiplakevillages.com is also available for private questions.

Posted by: Peter Boros | 21/11/2017 2:51 pm

Mrs Stone, thank you for the information provided. For the record, site 6 is a former gravel pit which has been tipped on. The LPA's reference to it in their response regarding contamination is:-

Ground (lead, asbestos, assenic, nickel, petroleum hydrocarbons,
benzo(a)pyrene) and gas (carbon dioxide) contamination has been identified
and further investigations are necessary to quantify the risk to the development
and environment and also to formulate a remediation strategy.

Full tests are reqd

Posted by: Peter Boros | 24/01/2018 1:27 pm

Hi Peter, thanks so much for taking the trouble to reply. I know vast amounts of time are going into the NP, and I appreciate it.

I entirely understand your point. However, I am afraid I wasn't asking a question: I was giving feedback. I didn't fill in a card after the exhibition in November, but I want to express my views. Do please add my objection to the other feedback you have had on the proposal presented in November.
Thank you.

Posted by: Cate Avery | 23/01/2018 9:02 pm

Cate, Many thanks for your question. With a NP, it is almost inevitable that not everyone will be happy as development to the quantum required by SODC has to go somewhere. We are limited by many factors not least being sites availability and a sustainable location that is not in open countryside to ensure the Green Gap is not compromised. The sites selected are therefore what we saw as the least worst option to address the entire community's needs and wishes. Many thanks for your interest.

Posted by: Peter Boros | 23/01/2018 11:57 am

Sorry to have been so terse in my earlier post: 500 characters was the maximum permitted.
With thanks to all for taking note of the objection.

Posted by: Cate Avery | 22/01/2018 3:16 pm

Many thanks to the steering group for all their work.
Plot 30 seems unsuitable:
- it is a greenfield site
- it forms a buffer between the farm buildings (which have some noise nuisance) and existing housing in Shiplake Cross; this buffer would be much curtailed by building there
- Plough Lane is already an overused road, severely so at school times, and barely wide enough. Another 12 - 15 units would make things much worse.
As a proportion by size, Shiplake Cross bears the brunt of development.

Posted by: Cate Avery | 22/01/2018 3:14 pm

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