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Kitchen Makeover

Hi, we want to update our kitchen and are looking for someone reliable to undertake the work - redesign, removal of the old one and fitting the new, new flooring etc etc. Does anyone have recent experience of a good quality, reliable company/person for the task? I'd much rather use recommendations than go through yellow pages. Thanks!

Posted by: Steve Matthews | 14/02/2017 2:44 pm

Thank you both for your helpful suggestions. I'm going to follow up both for quotes. Steve

Posted by: Steve Matthews | 20/02/2017 12:04 pm

We have been very satisfied by Berkshire Kitchens and Bedrooms who design, manufacture and install. Their after sales service is also first class. T/no 0118 983 3732.

Posted by: Chris Batten | 15/02/2017 9:02 am

I highly recommend this person: Warren Gilles. www.beaukitchens.co.uk

He just fitted my John Lewis kitchen and did a great job.

Posted by: David Jones | 14/02/2017 4:39 pm

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You are here:    Forum - Trades & Services - Kitchen Makeover