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Conditions of Use



14 February 2014

  • The website is owned by Shiplake Parish Council
  • The purpose of the website is to provide a service to the villages
  • Organisations and societies in the villages are offered use of pages, and may nominate a member as editor to manage these
  • These pages should be used in the interest of that organisation and the villages as a whole
  • The organisation is responsible for the accuracy of information on their pages, including that on the calendar
  • An editor’s access may be withdrawn by the web supervisor (Webmaster)
  • Shiplake Parish Council has the final decision in any dispute
  • The material put on the website (for appropriate use about village activities) is the copyright of Shiplake Parish Council (unless otherwise described)
  • As the pages are not moderated regularly, please report any inappropriate material* to webmaster@shiplakevillages.com immediately
  • Shiplake Parish Council is not responsible for the content of any external website
  • The views and opinions expressed by contributors to the website are not necessarily endorsed by Shiplake Parish Council
  • Inclusion of Businesses in this website does not imply endorsement by Shiplake Parish Council
  • Shiplake Parish Council have appointed the website working group (WWG) to manage the website


* Shiplake Parish Council defines ‘inappropriate material’ as website content that:

  1. is of an overtly political nature
  2. is false, deceptive, defamatory or libellous;
  3. is insulting, threatening or hateful towards a particular person or group of people;
  4. is indecent or obscene;
  5. encourages any illegal activity;
  6. is likely to bring Shiplake Parish Council, a village organisation or the villages in general into disrepute; or
  7. is blatantly commercial or self-promoting (other than in the Business section).
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The site will often use photography and videography to capture the vibrancy of the community. These will generally be taken by people within the community. The purpose of this is to create rich content to reflect the vibrancy of life within the community through the Gallery sections of the shiplakevillages.com website. It will not be used for any external sales or marketing purposes and will not be transferred in any way to any third-party for such reasons. Our aim is to be non-intrusive and to protect personal privacy. It is not in our interest to feature photos or video footage of any private moments. It is, however, impossible for us to notify individuals on each occasion that they may have been captured by photo/video. Names or any other personal identifying details will not be linked to an image unless with an individual’s explicit consent.

If at any stage you have any concerns that you may have been recorded inappropriately or against your wishes please let us know via feedback@shiplakevillages.com. We promise to delete as soon as practicable, any media in which you are prominently or identifiably featured that you do not wish us to possess.

Copyright in respect of any media used on the website will be either with Shiplake Parish Council, the provider of the media to Shiplake Parish Council, which has been given prior approval to use the media to Shiplake Parish Council, or it already exists in the public domain. The media used should not be used without the prior permission of Shiplake Parish Council and not for any commercial gain, use for any marketing/advertising purpose, or any purpose that may be incompatible with our intended use.

Protection of Children

Shiplake Parish Council recognises that, with respect to the capture and use of visual media, we have a special responsibility to take all reasonable steps to protect children. Our policy has been drawn up in line with the NSPCC Guidelines for the Use of Images of Children. We promise to ensure that, unless explicitly authorised or requested by a parent or other person with competent supervisory responsibility, any imagery showing children:

  • will be taken within a public area
  • will only show children who are adequately supervised
  • will focus on the activity rather than a particular child or children
  • will never supply the full name of the child along with the image.
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