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Highways Safety Issues Update - 25/01/17

The Shiplake Villages Plan addressed aspects of road safety within the villages and the council has since continued to respond to residents' feedback on specific concerns. Consultations with OCC on what are considered 'low priority' highways matters takes time. The outcome of these consultations on 13 suggestions/issues can viewed by clicking here.

The information will be taken into account during the neighbourhood planning process.


Plowden Arms: Important Update

Given resident's concerns  expressed in recent weeks, whether the site would be sold for development or would be retained as a 'pub/restaurant', the parish council  sought to protect the its future by registering The Plowden as an asset to the parish. Reassurances for its future have also been received from Tom Davies, Managing Director of Brakspears, as reported previuosly on our website and in The Henley Standard. 

The council's registering of The Plowden as an asset, however, is apparently causing problems for Brakspears in finalising contract signature and simultaneous completion of the sale, scheduled for the end of March. It may possibly jeapordise the sale completely. Tom Davies was invited to clarify the matter in 'Open Forum' at yesterday's parish council meeting (13/02/17), one aspect of which was a request for the council to stop the registration process in order for the sale to be concluded.

Albeit, no details are available from the selling agent as to the identity of the buyer, referenced as people already involved with licensed pubs/restaurants, the council agreed to stop the registration in the interests of achieving a positive outcome i.e. The Plowden thriving in the future as a pub/restaurant under new ownership. This was done with assurances from Tom Davies, including notification of conclusion of the sale and identity of the new owners  on the day of contract signature, and reliance on the integrity of the information provided. It was also done with misgivings expressed by some councillors owing to the uncertainty of the situation. 

The council will provide an update as soon as one is available. Residents should also be watchful for any signs of activity at the site once Matt and Ruth have vacated the pub.

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The Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan registration has been forwarded to SODC, over fifty residents have volunteered  to assist with the project and a Steering Group of fourteen formed. The group comprises a range of skills, important to developing the plan, with every effort being made to have a broad representation of the demographics of of residents e.g. age, gender, family unit, location, length of residence.
The plan will impact all aspects of life in the villages in some form or another. The involvement of everyone is important and every effort will be made to keep people informed of progress via the website, newsletter, questionnaires and ultimately decisions to be made with a formal referendum.
WATCH THIS SPACE...there will be an update later this week outlining why we need a plan, its objectives, the process and what you can expect to see from the Steering Group.
One of the first items to be considered by the group next week will be: What is the vision for the future of the villages? There will be a range of views in the villages...let us know yours via: feedback@shiplakevillages.com

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