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The Oakley Wood Recyling Centre is closed on 31st March and 1st April for deep cleaning

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Community Champion & Henley Superstar

Chosen by the public in a closely fought category in the 2020 Henley Herald Community Champion Awards, our very own Keith Whiting came away victorious for his contribution to the community at Christmas.

On Christmas Day, Keith cooks a festive meal at the Christ Church Centre for those who otherwise wouldn’t have one. “What you do for people is really important,” he said as he accepted his award. “You have to give a little bit back to society. It’s very, very important. The thing is, for me, it doesn’t matter how knackered I am, serving someone else who is going to be on their own on Christmas Day is very, very important.”

For full details of the awards see here on the Henley Herald website

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Keith Whiting - Community Champion 

Tai Chi Classes at Shiplake Memorial Hall on Tuesday Evenings

Come and enjoy gentle standing exercise designed and developed over millennia specifically to reduce stress, build strength, balance and enhance energy. People all over the world are recognising and benefiting from the health enhancing practice of Qigong and Tai Chi which are now becoming more available in the UK. 

Our lessons are relaxed, informal and friendly offering an ideal learning and practice environment. All are welcome regardless of age and current physical ability.

Lessons take place on Tuesday evenings from 7:30-8:30pm at Shiplake Memorial Hall.

For more details contact Graham Lawton on 07768 838208, email grahamlawton46@gmail.com and have a look at our website www.willowtaichi.co.uk

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Get your waste to the right place

The Waste Wizard is a new online tool to kill the confusion around recycling and help Oxfordshire defeat General Waste. Type in your postcode and the name of any item to find out whether it can be reused, repaired, donated or recycled - oxfordshire.gov.uk/wastewizard 



The Oakley Wood Recyling Centre is closed on 31st March and 1st April for deep cleaning

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